Recent Projects


Conissaunce has provided expertise to a wide range of organisations and individuals. Below is a selection of recent projects. Click on any name for more information.


In 2004, UnumProvident embarked upon a sweeping review of their operational management information with a view to replacing the existing, largely Excel-based processes. A number of key issues were found with the existing reporting process including:

  1. Report databases were copies of production systems so the data was not structured for reporting.
  2. Since the operational systems kept only limited historical data history was maintained in vast Excel spreadsheets .
  3. A large number of disparate, poorly understood data sources were used. Some reports were generated solely to provide data for manual input to further reports which might themselves also serve as data sources, sometimes layered 4-5 deep.
  4. Reports were produced by a team who, although able to communicate well with the business, did not have the technical expertise to investigate the available data sources themselves or effectively communicate their requirements to IT.
  5. The resulting, highly complex reporting cycle meant that amending reports was unacceptably risky and new reporting requirements could not easily be met.

A project was therefore initiated to determine the most appropriate data sources and move report production to a more suitable tool than Microsoft Excel. Cognos ReportNet was chosen as the new reporting platform.

A tight year-end deadline was imposed on the project, so an initial tactical solution was agreed to add missing history to an existing interim data-store (still mostly structured as per production) and implement Cognos based reporting to that.

Conissaunce provided the analysis and development lead for this project. As part of this work Kristiaana:

  • Advised the project manager on all technical matters
  • Reviewed and documented existing data sources
  • Enhanced the data store to record critical sales history
  • Acted as the technical liaison between MI team and IT department
  • Implemented ReportNet - Framework Manager and Report Studio
  • Coached and provided documentation for the MI team
  • Provided advice on future strategic datawarehousing

The solution went live in January 2005, just 3 months after ReportNet was purchased.