Conissaunce has a wide range of experience with a variety of web and enterprise development platforms and techniques including JEE, ASP, VB, and .NET. We are therefore unusually well placed to offer advice helping you make the right choices for your enterprise, and enabling rapid and cost effective deployment of your chosen technology stack.

Our preferred technologies include:

Integration: MQ and Web Services

Since its introduction in 1992 IBM’s Message Queuing technology has established itself as the industry standard transport for fast, reliable systems integration, partly because it has adapted itself so well to each new set of integration techniques. From the early map based integration tools through to XML, SOAP and Web Services, WebSphere MQ has been at the forefront of the integration story.

Conissaunce has extensive experience in the integration space. One of its founders, Charles, worked as a consultant for Candle’s integration consultancy practice where he worked extensively on the A&L account. This project delivered both A&L’s Internet Banking solution and the underlying architecture which allowed A&L to become a more adaptive enterprise. The project was built using Candle’s eBusiness Platform on top of MQSeries 5.x with XML as the internal protocol. The internet banking front end was built as a set of Web Services which allowed re-use between both the customer front end and the call centre.

Through Conissaunce Charles later worked with A&L on their Contact Centre Desktop which re-used the internet banking architecture called from a .NET front end written in VB. He developed the server process controller which generated the required web service calls and processed the response XML as well as the logging and error handling libraries.

More recently Conissaunce have been engaged at B&Q where our work has included architecting a complex integration solution involving the use of WebSphere MQ, XML, Web Services and ETL tools.