Conissaunce has a wide range of experience with a variety of web and enterprise development platforms and techniques including JEE, ASP, VB, and .NET. We are therefore unusually well placed to offer advice helping you make the right choices for your enterprise, and enabling rapid and cost effective deployment of your chosen technology stack.

Our preferred technologies include:


Enterprise Java has firmly established itself as an indispensable platform for the development of Enterprise software applications. The strong support that Java enjoys from the Open Source community further extends the capabilities of the platform, making it a good choice for organizations of all sizes where cost is a concern, where platform and vendor independence is desirable, or where a preference exists for the Unix or mainframe based platforms.

But getting the best out of Java, as with any development platform, can prove challenging. Our broad experience can help customers by:

  • Analysing business requirements and architecting a complete solution to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Aligning the enterprise's J2EE skills with its technical needs.
  • Developing systems on J2EE platforms for the WebSphere application server or smaller scale applications using the Tomcat jsp/servlet container.
  • Sharing best practices for J2EE development across the organization.
  • Ensuring intelligent testing processes that build quality and reliability into every line of code.
  • Rapidly delivering a satisfactory Return On Investment (ROI) to business and technical leaders.

Conissaunce has wide experience of developing solutions with Java and JEE on a wide variety of platforms from Linux/Tomcat/MySQL to IBM’s WebSphere on AIX with Oracle.
Recent projects include B&Q PLC (AIX and WebSphere), PRPi Consulting (Linux/Tomcat/JSP with STRUTS and Tiles), and Field Genetics (Tomcat, Linux, JSP/Servlets).