Cognos ReportNet


ReportNet is a zero footprint, browser based querying and reporting tool which was launched by Cognos in 2003 and is now part of Cognos 8. There are three main components as follows:

  • Framework Manager - the (full client) metadata management layer, now the single metadata source for Cognos 8.
  • Query Studio – the basic querying tool. Provides a user-friendly means to create ad hoc queries and simple reports and charts by 'dragging and dropping' columns and calculations into a reporting area. Users can create their own reports quickly without recourse to IT or a reporting specialist.
  • Report Studio – the advanced reporting tool. With Report Studio you can produce sophisticated multi page reports with complex prompts, filters, conditional formatting and drill-through to other reports. We would recommend that users who will be creating Report Studio reports receive some formal training, whether from us or Cognos, however it is very simple for less advanced users to run even complex reports that have been created for them by, for instance, answering a series of cascading prompts. Reports can also be set up to be automatically distributed to multiple users at scheduled times in a variety of languages and formats.

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