Conissaunce has a wide range of experience with a variety of web and enterprise development platforms and techniques including JEE, ASP, VB, and .NET. We are therefore unusually well placed to offer advice helping you make the right choices for your enterprise, and enabling rapid and cost effective deployment of your chosen technology stack.

Our preferred technologies include:

Business Intelligence: Cognos

In modern businesses, increasing standards, automation and technology usage have led to vast amounts of data becoming available. Business Intelligence (BI) is the art of sieving through that data, extracting pertinent information, turning it into knowledge upon which actions can be taken, and making that knowledge accessible to the key decision makers in an organisation.

"In the absence of BI, a 'fact gap' exists: a condition where users make decisions and assess risk and opportunities based upon anecdotal, incomplete or outdated information. This isn't much better than guessing, leaving most businesses seriously exposed."
Source: Gartner Group 07/01

Conissaunce have many years of BI experience, particularly with products from Cognos, one of the leading providers of BI tools.

The foundation of all Cognos (and other vendors') reports is the metadata, whether this be an Impromptu catalog or the newer Framework Manager model. The purpose of metadata is to present users with a business view of the data so that they need not understand the structure of the underlying database. At Conissaunce we understand that it is crucial to the long term success of any reporting implementation that users are able to create accurate reports quickly and easily, so we always get this right before moving on to report generation.

Our main expertise lie in the following Cognos offerings:

As with many large IT projects a high proportion of BI projects fail. (Gartner has put the figure as high as 50%). Some of the key reasons for this are:

  1. Poor Data Quality
  2. Business Requirements Not Met
  3. Solution is Not Extendable
  4. No Unified View of Information
  5. Project Scope too Large
    Source: Giga Information Group, July 2001

Conissaunce has a proven track record of implementing BI projects on time and on budget. Key projects have included TUI-UK (Thomson Holidays) and UnumProvident.