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Conissaunce has provided expertise to a wide range of organisations and individuals. Below is a selection of recent projects. Click on any name for more information.

PRPi Consulting Limited

Conissaunce has a long-established relationship with PRPi Consulting having helped develop their Performance Management Solution and provided technical support for the production of their surveys. As PRPi has grown it became necessary to undertake a review and update of their IT infrastructure and Conissaunce were delighted to be asked to bid for, and to be awarded, the work.

Key components of the project included:

  1. Review of the existing (Excel/VBA based) surveys.
  2. Design and development of new corporate database to provide a more scalable and flexible platform for survey production in future years.
  3. Development of initial on-line survey application for Asset Management staff.
  4. Re-design and development of new web site to include content management capabilities.

The backbone of the new infrastructure is based on Linux and MySQL with all application development being done using Java. To reduce time to market we made extensive use of open source libraries such as Struts, Apache POI, and the Apache commons collection, while Apache and Tomcat provide the web server.

The on-line survey applications are tightly integrated with Microsoft Excel providing the ability to upload and download data, and distribute reports, using the ubiquitous Office tool.

The initial phase of the project completed in December 2005. The "Asset Management Key Staff Compensation Survey" is a truly groundbreaking survey for which Conissaunce and PRPi developed a completely new algorithmic approach to job matching known as DataMatch. This moves the PRPi survey away from the conventional hierarchical structure used by most survey firms, instead automatically finding the most accurate match for an individual based on a range of criteria such as job title, function, product, geographic responsibility and performance level.

The second phase of the project launched during the summer of 2006 with the annual survey round being completed using the new infrastructure for the first time. As well as speeding up and simplifying survey production the new infrastructure allowed PRPi Consulting to present detailed historical trends tailored to individual firms for the first time.

In January 2007 we completed the core project work adding on-line WYSIWYG Content Management capabilities to the marketing web site, allowing staff at PRPi Consulting to edit and maintain all the pages on the web site themselves.


Asset Management Key Staff Compensation Survey Version 2.0

After successfully running the DataMatch based survey for two years, PRPi Consulting decided to expand the offering for 2007. Version 2 introduces two new "Job Family" reports which provide real-time, cross industry compensation data for groups of related jobs. We've also extended the existing DataMatch report providing users with greater research capabilities. For example users can now explore different factors that may be influencing compensation levels such as experience, degree of responsibility, and individual performance. In addition, version 2 offers some more minor enhancements to the reporting capability such as giving users the ability to display either mean or median, and to include or exclude their own figures from the industry calculations. The new version went on line September 2007


Asset Management Key Staff Compensation Survey Version 3.0

In 2010 Conissaune updated the on-line system adding two major new features:

  1. KSS Job Family Report: The summary report now a stacked bar chart giving a combined view of basic salary, cash bonus and LTIP for firm and industry. Figures can be calculated as either median or mean and displayed either as absolute numbers or as a percentage. The Job Family page has been updated to present all the summary graphs and tables as "Excel-like" tabs and similarly downloading from job family summary produces a single Excel workbook with all 5 graphs and tables the report generates.
  2. AHHR Portal: We developed a new portal site to serve the Asset Management HR and Compensation Survey Network (AMHR).

PRPi Technical Team:
Charles Humble: Solution Architect/Development Lead
Kristiaana Humble: Database Developer, Testing
Mark Chitty: UI and web design

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