About Conissaunce


Conissaunce provides IT consultancy to the retail and financial services industries.
Our experienced consultancy team are experts in database design on all popular platforms, Business Intelligence Systems with Cognos, bespoke application development with Java/JEE and VB/VBA, and web site design.

What Makes Us Different?

Conissaunce is a small company with an enviable track record of delivering highly successful projects.

We will:

  1. Make a point of understanding your business and the problems you are trying to overcome before we dive in and make suggestions and recommendations.
  2. Be passionate about you getting the right solution for your business needs. We won’t recommend a solution to you simply because it is attractive to us, and if the right solution for you is in an area where we have limited knowledge or expertise we will make this clear even if it might mean we lose a potentially lucrative deal.
  3. Aim to give you an accurate estimate on costs. We can’t always be right (this is IT after all) but we won’t put in an unrealistic bid because it might help us win a contract.
  4. Make a point of concentrating on technology that we are good at and find interesting. We do not move into a territory simply because we can make a lot of money from it. We won’t, for example, be setting up a SAP practice or looking at developing outsourcing capabilities any time soon.

Want to find out more?

Have a look around the site. You’ll find information on the company founders, case studies and more information on the key technologies we work with. If you like what you see then please contact us for more information.