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Conissaunce has provided expertise to a wide range of organisations and individuals. Below is a selection of recent projects. Click on any name for more information.

Field Genetics

Field Genetics is the company that distributes Cervus, the popular Windows program for error-tolerant likelihood based parentage analysis. In 2006 they approached Conissaunce and asked us to help them produce a new web site as part of a major update to the Cervus product (version 3.0).



The Field Genetics project presented some quite unusual challenges. The primary audience are academics, so the site needed to avoid being too flashy or commercial looking, but at the same time the company was looking to expand its audience into the commercial sector so we needed to make sure the site looked sufficiently professional for that audience. Maintenance of the site is done by Field Genetics themselves so we needed to ensure that the design of the site made this straightforward.


Design and Technology

The site uses the standard JEE web technology stack (JSP, Servlets, JSTL, JDBC) and makes use of the Apache Commons Collection. Rendered pages are XHTML compliant. The solution is deployed to a Linux server with Apache and Tomcat providing the web server and MySQL the database.

Each page is built off 3 .jsp fragments - a unique controller page with a common header and footer. A template is provided to allow new pages to be created and added to the site.

For the login and customer registration portions of the site a variation on the conventional MVC pattern was implemented. The JSP page acts as both view and controller, calling a servlet to populate/update the model. Helper methods are then exposed to the page via tags to allow population of dynamic elements. The servlet uses a connection broker to manage database connections, and interacts with a pair of Data Access Objects that use JDBC to read and write to the database.

The site design, templates, servlets and documentation were done in 5 days and handed over to Field Genetics to add their content.

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